Ireland's Aran Islands gets fleet of seawater-powered cars

Ireland's Aran Islands gets fleet of seawater-powered cars

IRELAND's Aran Islands have bene chosen to take part in a multi-million pound project to show how renewable energy can be used in transport.

The SEAFUEL project, which is being led by NUI Galway, is taking part in three Atlantic regions.

As we as the West of Ireland islands, it will also be tested in Madeira in Portugal and the Canary Islands.

The initiative will use hydrogen, produced by renewable energies and seawater, to produce fuel capable of powering transport networks.

By using solar and wind, researchers are aiming to create a ' no net carbon footprint' and reduce greenhouse emissions.

They said isolated areas such as islands - who are dependent on mainland infrastructures - are particularly vulnerable to the high cost of electricity and fuel.

“SEAFUEL proposes a sustainable way to power local transportation in isolated regions using renewable resources such as sun, wind and seawater, considering the inherent intermittency of such solar and wind energy,” said NUI Galway School of Chemistry's Dr Pau Farràs.

The University of Liverpool is also among those involved in the NUI Galway-led project.