Irish designer's multi-functional dining set and bookcase

Irish designer's multi-functional dining set and bookcase

IRISH furniture designer Orla Reynolds has created a unique piece of furniture for people living in cramped apartments.

The 29-year-old – based in Dublin – understands the need to maximise the limited space available and has designed a slim dining set that can be pulled out of a bookcase.

The piece of furniture is ideal for small apartments as the table and four chairs can be stored easily into the slots in the bookshelf.

When entertaining guests the set can be used as a dining table, but the bookshelf can also be rearranged to create alternative layouts.

Ms Reynolds graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology and she said that the concept for this project ‘As If From Nowhere’ came from “imagining the home as a theatre stage.”


“Through research and concept development, particularly focused on small living spaces, the walls seemed to be the most wasted space.

“I decided to work within the dimensions of a bookcase. The movement from bookcase to dining is like a scene change,” she added.

Other furniture projects that she has worked on include The LapStop, a storage unit for laptops.

She also enjoys creating unique bags, purses, accessories and soft furnishings.

Ms Reynolds was a finalist for The House and Home Student Designer of the Year in 2010.