How many of these 10 classic Irish riddles can you solve?

How many of these 10 classic Irish riddles can you solve?

IRISH people are natural problem solvers, which you'd imagine would come in handy for solving riddles.

So let's see if we're all we're craic'd up to be – if you'll forgive the pun – by solving the following ten Irish-themed conundrums.

Some are trickier than others but remember that sometimes the simplest answer is the right one – and no peaking at the answers (highlight them to see) – we mean it!

1. What Irish rock is as light as a feather?

ANSWER: A shamrock.

2. Which five-letter Irish surname can be spelled with just two?


3. Why can't you iron a four-leaf clover?

ANSWER: Because you shouldn't press your luck.

4. What has eyes but can never see? Think food.

ANSWER: A potato, obviously.

5. Where can you always find 'gold', but there's no gold at all?

ANSWER: The dictionary.

6. How many gold coins can a leprechaun fit in an empty pot?

ANSWER: None, because otherwise it's not empty anymore.

7. What would St Patrick be called if he was born on December 25?

ANSWER: St O'Claus.

8. What does a ghost drink on St Patrick's Day?

ANSWER: BOOs. Spirits if they're feeling brave.

9. When does a potato stop being Irish?

ANSWER: When it's a French fry.

10. What has 2 arms, no hands and only appears once a year?

ANSWER: A Christmas jumper (courtesy of mammy).