10 minutes with... Eoghan Moylan

10 minutes with... Eoghan Moylan

EOGHAN MOYLAN is a singer-songwriter, engineer, musician and occasional photographer and writer from Galway

His track I Love It When You Lie To Me has just been released.

The altpop and indie-synth-rock tune is about paranoia and struggling with the toxicity it creates in relationships.

This has put him in good shape to answer our questions.


What are you up to?

Currently trying my best to figure out how Justice always make their baselines so funky. Other than that not much.


Which piece of music always sends a shiver down your spine?

A Whiter Shade of Pale, specifically the 2006 live recording at Ledreborg Castle with the choir and orchestra. I think you’d have to be numb not feel something when hearing that.


Which musician has most influenced you? 

Most? Probably Bruce Springsteen, I love a solid story in a song and I think few can top him on that! Recently I’ve been really inspired by a band called The Jungle Giants. They mix together synths and guitars in a way that’s just really unique I think.


Who would be in your ideal band?

Anyone who is willing to skip band practice and go for a pint instead is top tier in my books.


How did you get started in music? 

I grew up around music. It was really common for a session to be going on in my granny’s kitchen growing up, and I’ve played in bands since I was a teenager. For it’s just something that I have to do, for my own sanity!


Where are you from in Ireland, and what are your roots?

I’m from Connemara, a place called Ardmore. I moved to Barna when I was older, that’s where my mother’s side are from, so it’s hard to say where are my roots really! I guess they’re split between!


What’s on your smartphone playlist at the minute? 

I’ve been listening to tonnes of Ghost lately. I heard someone call them Goth Abba once and since then I’ve been a bit obsessed.


Pantomime or opera? 

I’ve never actually been to either! If you offered me tickets to both I’d probably take the opera tickets, just an excuse to put on a tux you know?



What is your favourite place in Ireland? 

Probably the Inagh Valley. I drove through it a few years ago in the snow and I’ve never quite seen anything like it since.


Mozart or Martin Hayes? 

Martin Hayes all day long!


What would be your motto? 

You can’t choose what hand gets dealt but you can choose how you play it.


Which living person/people do you most admire? 

Probably my parents.


What's the best piece of advice you've been given this year?

It’s easier to ask for help in the beginning than it is after you’ve already made a mess.


Have you a favourite line from a song? 

“Is a dream a lie that don’t come true, or is it something worse?”


In terms of inanimate objects, what is your most precious possession? 

Probably my guitar, or maybe my recording mic.


What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you? 

Asking for help is infinitely harder than receiving it. If you can get over that hurdle you’re halfway there.


What gives you the greatest laugh? 

Parks and Rec, never fails to make me laugh despite having watched through a million times already.


Who/what is the greatest love of your life?

Well I can’t say or it’ll go to her head…