Brendan O'Carroll traces family's 1916 Rising roots in new BBC film

Brendan O'Carroll traces family's 1916 Rising roots in new BBC film

MRS Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has spoken of his newly discovered rebellion roots and a family history laced with catastrophe.

The comedian, currently on tour in Australia, has revealed his personal connection with the 1916 Easter Rising lies with three of his uncles who fought for Ireland’s freedom.

“My relationship with the 1916 Rising is personal,” he said. “Three of the rebels who held Dublin city that week were my uncles. I knew about the Rising and learnt about the Rising but never knew anything about my family’s part in it.

The actor will share his story ahead of St Patrick’s Day as part of a series of 1916-inspired programmes being shown by the BBC on radio and TV.

“On the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, I’m going to retrace my uncles’ steps and in doing so tell you the story of 1916,” O’Carroll added. “And it’s an extraordinary story - a story of subterfuge, violence, of cock-ups, catastrophes but also one of idealism and sacrifice.”

With access to freshly released records, O’Carroll will shine new light on to a dark and tumultuous chapter that shaped the history of Britain and Ireland for the next century.

Among the broadcaster’s other centenary-themes programmes are the Liam Neeson-narrated documentary 1916; the 90-minute programme Geldof on Yeats, where the Irish singer reflects on the impact of the Easter Rising events on the works of WB Yeats; and the Michael Portillo-hosted Easter 1916: The Enemy Files, which tells the story from the British perspective.

Brendan O'Carroll: My Family at War airs on BBC Two on Wednesday, March 16 at 9pm.