Andrew Scott and Andrew Garfield star in new podcast thriller 1984

Andrew Scott and Andrew Garfield star in new podcast thriller 1984

DUBLIN actor Andrew Scott is among the stars who feature in a newly released podcast based on George Orwell’s classic tome 1984.

The adaptation, directed by BAFTA award-winning director Destiny Ekaragha, is written by the Olivier Award-nominated writer Joe White and comes with a score composed by Ilan Eshkeri and Muse’s Matthew Bellamy.

There is a similarly heavyweight cast too.

Scott, known for roles in the likes of Fleabag and more recently the hit film All of Us Strangers, where he starred alongside Paul Mescal, plays the alluring, yet mysterious and ultimately dangerous O’Brien.

He stars alongside Andrew Garfield as Ministry of Truth worker Winston, Cynthia Erivo as Julia and Tom Hardy as Big Brother.

The stars and creators of podcast thriller 1984

The Audible series mirrors the essence of Orwell’s political dystopian classic, which is a cautionary tale about the rebellious Winston, who keeps a forbidden diary as he navigates the repressive society governed by Big Brother while navigating a relationship with his colleague Julia.

Ekaragha, who has directed the 1984 series, said: “This is my first experience directing an audio drama, and what an honour it was to work so closely with a cast of this calibre.”

She added: “I can’t wait for everyone to hear what Andrew, Cynthia and Tom have done with these iconic characters.”

The Audible podcast is available now

Aurelie de Troyer, Head of Regional Content, Europe at Audible, said the series is “1984 like you’ve never heard it before”.

“We’ve assembled a top team of creatives across the board, and the combination of the principal cast and Matt and Ilan’s epic soundtrack is something quite extraordinary,” she explained.

“Andrew Garfield was born to play Winston – just wait until you hear his performance.”