Bernie Nolan to be buried alongside daughter

Bernie Nolan to be buried alongside daughter

BERNIE NOLAN is to be buried alongside the ashes of her stillborn baby Katie.

The singer and actress - who died last week at the age of 52 - had planned the details of her funeral during her three-year battle with cancer, her sister Maureen has revealed.

She is said to have advised family members that she wanted her funeral to be held in the Grand Theatre in her home town of Blackpool, where the Nolan Sisters performed in their early years.

Although her baby is buried in the children's area of the cemetery, Bernie's sisters are arranging the paperwork so that she can be laid to rest beside her daughter.

Maureen Nolan told The Sun: "It is what Bernie wanted - to finally be with her baby."

Coleen Nolan also discussed her sister's funeral over the weekend and said that the funeral will include music, readings by family members and a letter written by Bernie.

Her funeral is expected to take place on July 17.