Country artist Derek Ryan to release new single

Country artist Derek Ryan to release new single

IRISH country musician Derek Ryan is set to release his new single 100 Numbers in the UK on March 17.

The single follows the release of his new album Country Soul, which reached number two in Ireland’s Country Music Chart.

The track - written by Ryan - has a pop edge and reflects his Irish country and folk music roots.

His lyrics were inspired from the loneliness he endured whilst living in London and feeling desperate to return to his family in Ireland. He felt the despair despite the ‘100 Numbers’ in his phone, therefore, the single reflects his own personal experiences.

Ryan gained three top 10 hits in the UK, after signing to Warner Music at the age of 17 with his band D-Side, which achieved a multi-platinum selling record Real World.

He has been nominated for several Meteor Awards in Ireland and secured a number one single in Japan.