Dolores O' Riordan documentary to air on tv tonight

Dolores O' Riordan documentary to air on tv tonight

RTE will air a new documentary tonight on the late Dolores O’ Riordan.

The programme has been created by Dave Fanning and will consist of interviews between himself and the Cranberries singer, who sadly passed away in London last month.

Dave Fanning has released a short clip to promote tonight’s programme, in which O’ Riordan discusses taking a break from the band after years of recording and playing gigs, and the effect that had on her attempts to adjust back into normal, everyday life.

She says: “I remember going for a walk when we stopped, just going for a walk up the road, looking at things like a flower. I hadn’t looked at a flower in three years – simple things like that I just got so far away from human things.

“I guess, because I was brought up in the middle of the countryside, in Ireland, in the Golden Vale, I guess that it affected me very badly being far away from nature and simple things, you know?”


‘Dolores’ will air tonight on RTE One at 10.35pm. For those outside of Ireland, you can watch it in the coming days in the RTE Player.