Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan confirms hit comedy will return as a musical

Father Ted co-creator Graham Linehan confirms hit comedy will return as a musical

THE IRISH comedy writer has confirmed he has reformed with former co-writer Arthur Mathews to revive character Father Ted Crilly but in a somewhat different role in the Catholic hierarchy.

The character of Craggy Island's parish priest Ted Crilly conceived in the smash hit Channel 4 comedy 'Father Ted' is set for a comeback - but in the form of a musical.

Linehan shared on his social media that the show called 'Pope Ted: The Father Ted Musical' was almost written.

He added that Neil Hannon, the man behind the show's original music and theme tune was on board for the upcoming project.

Linehan said in another tweet that the musical would give a final ending to the comedy that originated in 1995, commenting: 'It’s the real final episode of Father Ted.'

Speaking to the BBC, the Irish writer said the musical would chronicle the journey of "the least qualified man in the world becoming Pope".

Linehan said he and those involved in the upcoming musical hoped the project would be ready for the stage by next year and that the venue of the show's eventual debut has not yet been confirmed.

Of the reunition with writing partner Mathews, he added: "You can pull the most ridiculous stunts to get around a plot problem... and it's lovely to be working with Arthur again."

Earlier this month, Linehan was lending his voice to a Yes vote in the abortion referendum as reported by The Irish Post.

The 50-year-old went as far as to say that not voting at all in the referendum, held on May 25th, was remaining "complicit in the continuing insult to Irish women that is the eighth amendment."