Florence Pugh praises 'gorgeous, kind' Irish people and 'great Guinness' as she films in Ireland

Florence Pugh praises 'gorgeous, kind' Irish people and 'great Guinness' as she films in Ireland

ENGLISH ACTRESS Florence Pugh has fallen in love with Ireland, its people and culture as she films a new movie in County Wicklow.

Pugh, who has shot to stardom after appearing in hit films including Little Women, Black Widow and Midsommar, is filming the movie adaption of Emma Donohoe's novel The Wonder.

The novelist is best-known for her novel Room which was adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 2015, and The Wonder tells the tale of an English nurse in the Irish midlands in the 19th century, shortly after the Famine. who is caring for a young girl who stops eating and drinking but somehow remains fit and healthy, even months later-- something which draws morbid tourists and media attention to the small rural village.

Since arriving in Ireland last week, Florence Pugh has been eagerly sharing her adventures in the Emerald Isle, last week posting a photograph of the Hollywood sign in the County Wicklow town and writing "Less traffic, greener hills and great Guinness. A different kind of Hollywood".

She later shared an image of herself with a recently-drawn pint of Guinness-- which may or may not have been a 'bad pint' as it had not yet settled-- but judging by the look on her face, she was certainly enjoying it.

The actress also offered fans a sneak peek from the set of The Wonder, calling it a "beautiful and exciting film" and describing her time "traipsing around the Irish hills" as "magnificent".

"What a story to get our teeth stuck into, what a crew to be working alongside and a fantastic director Sebastian Leilo to be leading us!

"This will be fun."

Now Pugh has again taken to social media to praise the "gorgeous" people of Ireland, and says she is "loving it here" as she continues filming the eagerly-anticipated thriller.

Speaking on her Instagram story, the actress thanked everyone she has met in Ireland so far, telling her followers "I can't tell you how gorgeous everyone is, every single person I interact with is lovely and so helpful.

"Everyone is so kind and ready to just have a good time with you.

"So, thank you Ireland for being so generous and welcoming."

Florence Pugh isn't the only celebrity to embrace Ireland in recent weeks-- Greys Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey was on the Emerald Isle earlier this summer to film Disney's Disenchanted, and became fully immersed the Irish culture, sharing images of rolling hills, eating in Dublin's oldest chipper and even sporting a traditional Aran jumper.

You can check out his adventures here.