Hollywood star Chris O'Dowd calls on Irish men to vote 'Yes' in abortion referendum

Hollywood star Chris O'Dowd calls on Irish men to vote 'Yes' in abortion referendum

IRISH actor Chris O’Dowd has urged men to vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment in Ireland's upcoming abortion referendum.

Speaking as part of Amnesty International Ireland's 'Vote Yes' campaign, the Co. Roscommon native called upon men to turn out in their droves on May 25 to help lift the country's constitutional ban on abortion.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to stand with our wives, our girlfriends, our mothers, our daughters," he said.

"Be part of the future, not the past. Every vote really, really counts. We all need to come out and vote 'Yes' on May 25th".

The IT Crowd star added: “As a man, it’s worrying that a lot of polls are saying that men aren’t going to come out and vote. They feel that in some way it’s not their business.

"But this is not something we can stay out of. Those voting ‘no’ won’t be staying out it. This is our chance to be united with people who have difficult times ahead, to stand with the women you love.

“We have to vote Yes."

O'Dowd's plea comes after fellow Irish actor Brian F. O'Byrne used his acceptance speech at the BAFTA TV awards to make his own call for a 'Yes' vote on May 25.

After claiming the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Little Boy Blue, O'Byrne thanked the UK for allowing Irish women to access the country's abortion services.

He said: "On a personal thing, I'd like to thank the staff of the Liverpool women's hospital for looking after my fellow Irish citizens who come there in distress, daily.

"Thank you Britain, for looking after our women in their time of need."