Irish singer opens up about the weirdest fan mail he's received

Irish singer opens up about the weirdest fan mail he's received

IRISH country singer Nathan Carter gets a lot of female attention no matter where he goes.

The country and western singer has spoken out about the crazy amount of women after him no matter what day it is.

Fermanagh native Carter revealed the weirdest piece of fan mail he's ever received was a pair of boxers with a woman's name emblazoned on the front.

He spoke to The Mirror about the excitement of fans at gigs becoming so intense, they throw personal belongings at the stage when he performs: "I get cakes, knickers and bras thrown up at gigs... I got a pair of boxers sent to me with a woman’s names on them, which I thought was pretty unusual."

Despite fans not knowing where Nathan lives nor his address available as obtainable information, the young crooner said he's surprised at the postal service: "I get mail all the time addressed to Nathan Carter, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh and it just gets to me."

Nathan's five-part series, the brand new RTE 1 show The Nathan Carter Show resumes on Sunday night, with a whole list of exciting things on offer, promising pranks played out on celebrities and fans alike and racing driving and stunts from the WagonWheel singer.