James Bond star Pierce Brosnan shares birthday snap with Danny DeVito as he celebrates turning 68

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan shares birthday snap with Danny DeVito as he celebrates turning 68

THE BEST James Bond-- and we're not just saying that because he's Irish-- has celebrated his birthday with friends and family, including some other famous faces.

County Meath native Pierce Brosnan, who now lives in Hawaii with his wife Keely Shaye Smith, earlier this week turned 68 years old and celebrated his birthday in style.

The James Bond star is active on social media, and shared a snap of himself blowing out the candles on his cake with a familiar head in the foreground.

Taking to Instagram, Brosnan thanked his friends and family "near and afar" for celebrating with him, writing:

"A happy birthday it was, thank you dear friends and family, near and afar. And yes, thats the back of Mr Danny Divito’s handsome cranium."

Thousands of people took to the comment section of Brosnan's post to wish him well on his birthday, with many hinting they would have liked an invite-- a James Bond and Frank Reynolds party is certainly something we wouldn't turn down!

Earlier this week, Brosnan's lookalike son Paris also helped his father mark the big day by sharing a series of photos alongside his famous dad, with the pair decked out in matching tracksuits.

To top it all off, the model captioned the snaps with a heartfelt message that included a nod to their Irish roots.

"Happy birthday Papa!" he wrote. "Here’s to more memories together.

"Grá mór," he added at the end of the post, the Gaeilge for 'lots of love' or 'big love'.

Paris and Pierce are seen wearing matching Chrome Hearts tracksuits in the accompanying snap, which further highlights the striking physical similarities the two men share-- earlier this month, Keely Shaye-Smith shared a photograph of Paris which showed he was the spitting image of his father.

The similarities were not lost on James Bond and Pierce Brosnan fans, who flocked to social media in their droves to dissect the snap. 

“He looks like a mini-me of his dad,” one said. 

“Pierce’s doppelgänger" another added. 

“So very handsome,” a third wrote. “He is a young Pierce.” 

The youngest of Brosnan and Shaye Smith's two sons, Paris has been making serious inroads in the world of modelling lately; the Brosnan siblings are no strangers to the world of modelling, with older brother Dylan previously starring in campaigns for Burberry and St Laurent among others.