Live Review: Neil Young at British Summer Time, Hyde Park

Live Review: Neil Young at British Summer Time, Hyde Park

 HYDE PARK has played host to a parade of great artists in recent weeks, Ozzy Osbourne and Shane MacGowan among them. And on Saturday last, Neil Young. 

Time has chased down them all but still the hits endure.

The big question - would the Canadian rocker give the crowd what tunes they wanted because ‘hits’ have not always featured as part of the Young set, yet this is what the Oldies want.

He didn’t disappoint.

Young moved easily through a performance that bridged brilliant sunshine and rain of the bucketing down variety - and that was before he played Down by the River.

The National provided the support play, a warm-up, on an afternoon that needed cooling a degree or two but then Heart of Gold was always a sure bet to slow the steam, set a sway and tee-up Keep on Rocking in the Free World.

That was performed with gusto and received with the kind of gratitude that set Hyde Park erm, rocking, for a time at least.

Either side there were plenty of guitar riffs - long ones - and musical on stage huddles that really did make it feel like there was a separation between the crowd and what was going on up there off in the distance.

For committed fans there was much to enjoy and a good helping of it too. For people like me who there for the day, a few beers and for the few songs I wanted to hear there was joy too - British Summer Time in Hyde Park.

Keep on Rockin and all of that...