'I love chocolate, cigarettes and Guinness too much'  - Irish star Niall McNamee opens up ahead of St Patrick's Day gig

'I love chocolate, cigarettes and Guinness too much' - Irish star Niall McNamee opens up ahead of St Patrick's Day gig

IRISH singer-songwriter and actor Niall McNamee is preparing to share music from his debut album with fans on a mini tour of Ireland at the end of the month.

Ahead of that, the Dundalk native is performing at The Bedford in Balham on Tuesday, March 17 – in their St Patrick’s Day special!

This week he took some time out to talk to The Irish Post...

What are you up to right now?

Nursing a fractured rib and planning my big St Patricks Day gig at The Bedford in Balham. Also, a mini Irish tour at the end of March. There are a few acting and music projects this year, but I’m not allowed to say.

Who are your heroes? 

Christy Moore has always been huge for me, my grandfather Chris O’Connor and my favourite footballer Gary Kelly.

What's been the best decade of your life so far and why?

Hopefully this one. 2020 onwards is looking big.

What record sends a shiver down your spine? 

‘All the way’ by Frank Sinatra.

What is your favourite place in Ireland?

Home of football (and Dundalk Football Club), Oriel Park. Or Maddens in Belfast.

What makes you angry? 

Leeds United. They will be the death of me. They also bring me the most joy.

What book influenced you most? 

Can’t say I’m a massive reader but I played Neil McCormick in ‘Chasing Bono’ and his biography ‘I was Bono’s Doppelgänger’ was class. Really useful.

What was the worst moment of your life?

I got mugged a couple of years ago in Soho and it was during a rubbish time. It’s probably up there.

Which local star in any field should the world outside Ireland know about?

Jinx Lennon! Though there’s something beautiful about his cult following and the few who find him in different corners of the world. He’s unreal.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

I love chocolate, cigarettes and Guinness too much. I wish I didn’t (as much).

What is the best lesson life has taught you?

I don’t know anything. I used to think I knew everything. I was surprised to learn that I feel far more at ease knowing less and less each year.

What is your favourite film and why? 

Love and Mercy easily. Brilliant film about Brian Wilson’s life. It started an obsession with The Beach Boys and music production.

What do you believe in? 

Being kind, being supportive and trying.

What trait do others criticise you for? 

I’m a little bit stuck in my ways. And I’ve always been a bit of an old man.

Where do you live and what are the best and worst things about that place?

I live in Tooting. And I love it. I live with my best mates and I know the area well. Tooting Celtic (the Sunday league team I play for) was huge for me. Worst thing is how much I’ll miss it if I leave.

On what occasion is it OK to lie?

In order to not worry parents. Some things are best to deal with on your own.

What do you consider the greatest work of art? 

The Pet Sounds Album by the Beach Boys. Or some of the best Jinx Lennon tracks.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Buying soccer jerseys. Leeds United are getting Adidas next year and I fear it will ruin me financially. I already own over 40 jerseys Soccer, Rugby, GAA etc.

Who is/was the love of your life?

It’s Imelda. It’s going to be a problem trying to write sad love songs.