McDonagh and Gleeson to follow Calvary with London-set feature

McDonagh and Gleeson to follow Calvary with London-set feature

FILMMAKER John Michael McDonagh has revealed that the final installment of the "glorified suicide" trilogy will be set in his native London.

The Lame Shall Enter First  will also star Brendan Gleeson and will be the third film in the series, following The Guard and Calvary.

“It's about an abusive paraplegic who tries to get his life in order by solving the murder of one of his friends,” said McDonagh.

"The Guard was Galway, where my father's from, and Calvary is Sligo, where my mother's from, so the third one in the trilogy will be in south London, where I'm from - hopefully within a mile of my house so I can just walk home when we finish shooting," he joked.

The forthcoming movie will unite the second-generation Irishman with Gleeson once again; a collaboration that McDonagh enjoys.

"We both have a good sense of humour. We don't suffer fools lightly as well. When we're focused, we're focused and when we relax, we go out for a drink," he said.


"We get on a lot, but we have our differences. I might be more nihilistic at times and a bit more confrontational. We have a good working relationship - we both want to create original characters who are memorable."

The director has also warned that Gleeson will need to hit the gym in preparation for his role, which will require him to move around in a wheelchair.

"Brendan will be rattling around in a wheelchair through the streets of south London, getting into trouble,” McDonagh added.

"I'm going to have to get him to do weights. He's got no upper body strength so he'll have to get in the gym to prepare for doing all that shuffling.”

Calvary is in cinemas now.