New comedy drama heading for Harrow

New comedy drama heading for Harrow

Asa Murphy

Triskellion Productions in collaboration with Asa Murphy and Bill Elms Productions is presenting the production New Generations at the Salvatorian College Theatre in Harrow on June 17

New Generations is a heartwarming story of a family and the changes and challenges they face when a new baby comes along.

The drama follows the fortunes of new mum Becky and her mother and how the fine line is walked between advice and interference.

Meanwhile Dad Tony is in the middle of the turmoil trying to balance his loyalties.

The narrative is interspersed with cast members singing also in this musical comedy and drama.

There’s a licensed bar at the venue and Asa will entertain the audience who stay on after the play.

Saturday, June 17

Salvatorian College Theatre, High Road, Harrow Weald HAS 5DY

Box office: 07312032905