New episode of 'The Simpsons' lists 50 reasons not to vote for President Trump

New episode of 'The Simpsons' lists 50 reasons not to vote for President Trump

AN UPCOMING episode of The Simpsons doesn't hold back when encouraging people to vote in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

The popular show, now in its record-breaking 32nd season, is set to air its annual Halloween episode Treehouse of Horror next week-- but a controversial clip has already been released.

In the clip, Homer is about to vote in the election but can't decide between the candidates, asking 'Can I write in Judge Judy?'

Lisa then enters the scene asking 'How can you forget everything that's happened the last four years?'

The show then lists 50 different controversial moments of Donald Trump's presidency, including 'Grabbing women by the p***y', 'Put children in cages', 'Called Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'' and 'Imitated disabled reporter'-- as well as one of the newest accusations, 'Paid $750 in taxes'.

The list finishes with 'And we haven't even said the worst one'-- likely the death toll resulting from the spread of Covid-19 throughout the country, currently standing at over 220,000 people.

The clip doesn't actually show who Homer votes for in the end-- although he decides against alien siblings Kang and Kodos-- but it is implied he does not vote for Donald Trump, as he scoffs: 'Who are you gonna make fun of now, late-night comics?'

The 688th episode of The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror XXXI airs on American TV at 8pm Sunday, October 18.