Nicola Coughlan gives several Irish answers in 'Ask Me Anything' interview

Nicola Coughlan gives several Irish answers in 'Ask Me Anything' interview

GALWAY'S NICOLA Coughlan has given a shout out to her home city to one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Appearing on Elle UK's 'Ask Me Anything' series, in which she answers questions from famous faces, the actor gets asked by Lin Manuel Miranda where would be best to go when he visits Ireland.

Most known for Hamilton, and more recently his work on In The Heights, Coughlan is visibly surprised by his appearance.

"I'm obsessed with Lin Manuel Miranda, In The Heights, everything!" she says. "When you come to Ireland you should come to Galway. We are voted the friendliest city in the world by Lonely Planet so that's a good thing to recommend us.

"I would go to Charlie Byrne's bookshop. It is a beautiful second hand bookstore where you can get everything you could possibly imagine and you should have a pint of Guinness in Tigh Neachtain which is a beautiful Irish pub with lots of singing and music that you could join in with."

Other people appear in the video to ask questions, including Bridgerton creator Shonda Rhimes and fellow Derry Girls stars Louise Harland and Dylan Llewellyn.

When Rhimes asks her who would play her in a movie about her life, she jokes Jedward before switching to Florence Pugh who someone once thought she was once.

She also details who she would like to play in a biopic of their life.

"Constance Markievicz," she said. "She was the first female member of parliament and she strove for an independent Ireland. She got a seat at Westminster and she decided not to sit at it because she thought Ireland should have their own parliament. She was a trailblazer."

When asked about which character she was most proud of playing, she says the character of Jess in the play 'Jess & Joe Forever'.

"Of course then Clare and what Clare Devlin has meant to people. Playing a gay character from Northern Ireland, and when we started filming Derry Girls gay marriage was still not legal in Northern Ireland so I felt real responsibility towards that."

She says she relaxes by having one day off a week where she does nothing.

"The days where I'm not working I'm like a slug so I just retreat completely and stay in bed and have a bath.

"I really need a day a week to just not do anything. If you've had the privilege like I've had the past year being super busy - I've been going since March - you need to take those times to recharge. I used to be able to burn the candle at both ends."

Finally, when asked about her favourite crisps and chocolate, she answers with several Irish staples such as Burger Bites, Wheelies, Taytos, Pringles and Ferrero Rocher.

Watch the full video below: