Oliver Callan to investigate Brits' knowledge of Ireland in new BBC Sounds podcast

Oliver Callan to investigate Brits' knowledge of Ireland in new BBC Sounds podcast

IRISH SATIRIST Oliver Callan leads a comedy myth-busting exploration into Ireland’s culture and its people in this new six-part series for BBC Sounds aimed at educating Britain about its neighbour.

In Bits: Killing Leprechauns is released on Saturday 17 September, and features proud British comedians including Rhys James and Glenn Moore, and Sophie Duker with Josh Jones.

Oliver investigates just how little the British appear to know about Irish politics, sport, customs and culture using the thoroughly unscientific method of a comedy panel.

For Ireland, a near millennium’s worth of history is only about its relationship with Britain. We follow English football teams, watch their shows, obsess over the royal family, listen to their music, love their comedy and above all, are dismayed and irritated by how little the general public and political classes of Britain know about Irishness in return.

Have they heard of ‘notions’, the GAA, do they know there’s an Irish language, do they realise what Cromwell did and can they explain the Irish border? Above all, do the British people know just how much they have in common with the Irish?

Leprechauns get their comeuppance in this educational podcast. The series will hammer their existence with facts and cultural truths. Ireland considers itself a tragic case for centuries and now just wants Britain to finally notice it occasionally.

Andy Martin, BBC Northern Ireland Executive Editor, Documentaries, Drama and Comedy, says: “People the world over think they know all about Ireland, this series makes them think again. A blistering, smart and funny talent, we are delighted to bring Oliver Callan to network BBC audio through BBC Sounds and BBC Radio Ulster. This is not a series for the bashful, if you’re attached to leprechauns, be warned, many are harmed in the making of this series.”