People are raving about this absolutely spectacular new Irish drama series

People are raving about this absolutely spectacular new Irish drama series

YOU MIGHT have heard of Sally Rooney-- she's the author behind two of the best Irish books in the past few years: Conversations with Friends and Normal People.

Now the critically acclaimed Normal People  has been transformed into a 12-part BBC series, with author Rooney also involved in the writing and creation of each episode.

The show, already much-anticipated by those who had read and loved the book, has exploded in popularity since its debut on BBC on Monday night and RTÉ last night, with the success of the transition from novel to series already being compared to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

Starring Irish actor Paul Mescal and British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones, Normal People centres around Sligo teenagers Connell and Marianne, and the intense romance that blossoms between them but which remains a secret due to the two being from different backgrounds and moving in completely different social circles.

The show, as in the novel, follows the two as they navigate life and the changes that come with it, through college and young adulthood, and offers an intensely authentic glimpse at the lives of young people in Irish county towns.

Since the  spectacular drama aired its debut on BBC on Tuesday night, people have been raving about the incredible acting, thought-provoking characters, gorgeous soundtrack, relatability of the school and college situation, and the remarkable scenes of the Irish countryside-- with much of it being shot on location in County Sligo.

The gripping, slow-burning, unique love story will have you hooked from the first episode, with even the awkward small-talk between the pair in the early minutes simmering with deep potential and chemistry, and with 12 episodes at just over 30 minutes each, it's the perfect show to binge watch in quarantine-- the only issue being when it eventually comes to its end.

The first two episodes of Normal People is available to viewers on RTÉ Player, with another double bill next Tuesday at 10pm.

In the UK, all episodes are available to stream on the BBC iPlayer.

And for those in the United States, Hulu have every episode ready to watch starting from today.

A word of warning however-- this is not one you want to watch with your parents or anyone under the age of 18.

It is a love story after all.