People with 'horrible, embarrassing stories' wanted for new Irish comedy series

People with 'horrible, embarrassing stories' wanted for new Irish comedy series

WE'VE ALL been absolutely mortified in the past.

Whether it's ancient history-- like calling your teacher Mam-- or more recent-- like calling your boss Mam-- every one of us has that embarrassing moment that we're reminded of just as we're trying to fall asleep.

Now though, there's the chance to turn that horrific, embarrassing story into something positive-- if you're brave enough to share it on TV, that is.

A new RTÉ comedy series is asking people to come on the show and share their "most horrible, most embarrassing stories" all in the name of comedy.

Clear History is produced by Kite Entertainment, the company behind such hits as Gogglebox Ireland and Ireland's Got Talent, and while the show has been kept tightly under wraps until now, host Kevin McGahern today sent out a call for people to apply.

In a new advert for RTÉ 2, comedian McGahern revealed he will be hosting the brand-new panel show, which will see two teams come on each week to tell stories "that they find so hilariously embarrassing that they want them just wiped from history forever".

Along with the weekly teams, members of the public will also appear to share their cringeworthy tales, with McGahern asking people to send in "your hilariously embarrassing, scarlet, hang-your-head-in-shame stories".

Applicants should keep their stories short, under a minute, and send them to [email protected].

Because we all need a good laugh this year-- even if it's at someone's expense!