Sharon Shannon launches podcast to bring music to fans despite coronavirus lockdown

Sharon Shannon launches podcast to bring music to fans despite coronavirus lockdown

TRADITIONAL Irish music star Sharon Shannon has launched a new podcast to bring her music to her fans while the coronavirus outbreak continues across the world.

The musician is currently celebrating her 30th year in the business and was due to tour Europe this year with anniversary album The Winkles Tapes 1989, although all of that is now on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, this week the Co. Clare native revealed that she would still be bringing new music to the masses through a new podcast, which would cost them “less than the price of a coffee” to access.

“I was really looking forward to seeing [the fans] on tour this spring/summer, we had a great show lined up for you,” she explained.

“My favourite thing about being a musician is playing live and meeting you face-to-face at the gigs. You are what make all of this worthwhile and I am incredibly grateful for your continued support.

“I sat down with my team to try and figure out the best way to bring you my music and new exclusive content while we’re all off the road,” she added.

“We are really excited to team up with Patreon to offer you supporter-led audio podcasts and video content, which will be exclusive to you and always advertisement free.

“This content won’t be available anywhere else.”

Sharon Shannon's anniversary album The Winkles Tapes 1989

The first podcast, which Shannon describes as a “trip down memory lane” goes live on April 4 and content will continue to be posted to it as the month rolls on.

“While we know times are tough for a lot of you, my team and I have put incredible work into this new project - including a video recording of a live show in De Barras, Clonakilty February 2020, which will be available to you for less than the price of a coffee & scone,” she explained.

“In this podcast I take a trip down memory lane, just before my 21st birthday I was lucky to have the chance to record my first album with my good friends John Dunford and Philip King. This marked the beginning of long career in music marked by the release of this very album [The Winkles Tapes] celebrating 30 years in November 2019.

“In this podcast we look back at the making of the album and listen to some of the tracks featuring Donal Lunny, Gerry O’Beirne, Mike Scott, Adam Clayton, Mary Shannon and Eoin O’Neill.”

You can access the podcast here