Ten minutes with Belfast singer-songwriter NADIA

Ten minutes with Belfast singer-songwriter NADIA

Belfast singer-songwriter NADIA has just released her latest single Buzz

She took time out to answer our questions

What can you tell us about your new single Buzz?

Buzz is such a meaningful song to me and was written about never feeling alone in the city and how the buzz of the crowds of people always keeps you company. I’m so thankful for all the support it’s been getting since its release!

What are you up to?

At the moment I’m working in the studio on a new track, finishing the edit on my new music video Push the Button and also preparing for my first show in London, supporting the brilliant artist D3lta.

Which piece of music always sends a shiver down your spine?

I adore Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore by Angie Stone. She has such a powerful voice

Which musician has most influenced you?

It’s hard to pick just one! My parents were both in music while I was growing up so they introduced me to a lot of amazing artists. My mum introduced me to artists such as Aretha Franklin, Macy Gray, Diana Ross and Fleetwood Mac, whilst my dad introduced me to the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bowie and Steely Dan.

How did you get started in music?

I’ve been singing and writing songs since as young as I can remember. My mum was a singer and my dad was a singer/musician and now a music producer. My dad and I work together most days in the studio. I feel very grateful to have come from a musical family who have always supported my dreams.

Where are you from in Ireland, and what are your roots?

I live in Bangor, Co. Down, but originally come from Belfast.

What’s on your smartphone playlist at the minute?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Troye Sivan as I’m going to see him in concert this June! Also I’ve been loving Zara Larsson’s new album Venus.

If you weren’t a musician what other job would you be really good at?

I run my own jewellery brand Mystic Soul Jewellery — which I love very much.

Have you a favourite line from a song?

"When my soul was in the lost and found,

You came along to claim it,

I didn't know just what was wrong with me,

Till your kiss helped me name it

(Aretha Franklin)

In terms of inanimate objects, what is your most precious possession?

I’m a very sentimental person so I have so many personal items that are very special to me! I would say photos albums and also jewellery that was passed down to me from my grandparents.

What’s the greatest lesson life has taught you?

There’s no point comparing yourself to anyone else! Your journey is unique and everything is happening in the right time for you!

What do you believe in?

I’m a huge believer in Manifestation! I love making vision boards every January for the year ahead of things I want to accomplish and experience.