The funniest Twitter reactions to Ireland's 'Bread Crisis'

The funniest Twitter reactions to Ireland's 'Bread Crisis'

THE combined effects of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma has sent Ireland into a frenzy over the past week, with many panic-buying essential supplies as the weather sets it.

And by essential supplies, we mean bread. Lots and lots of bread.

Loaves and loaves from the likes of Brennans, Pat The Baker and Irish Pride are suddenly in short supply - and people on social media have taken notice.

The footage often spoke for itself:

Where had all the bread gone?


For some, it was about remembering protocol.

While alarming reports of bread dealing also emerged.

The bread companies were taking the necessary precautions.

Though the hysteria around bread left a few people baffled.

Forgery was rife.

A few even turned to God for help.

Others got creative.

Desperation set in.

And some tried to exploit the situation.

But getting your hands on a loaf was a source of celebration.

Even the birds were facing competition for a slice.

Making off a loaf was a real challenge.

But the idea of no bread was too grim to contemplate.

Suddenly bread became power.

But, thankfully, some still had their priorities in order.

Fingers crossed you are one of the lucky ones inside.

Wrap up warm, stick the kettle on and enjoy a couple of slices on us - if you can!