WATCH: Toddler interrupts live news broadcast to ask mum for biscuits

WATCH: Toddler interrupts live news broadcast to ask mum for biscuits

WORKING FROM home while trying to look after a young family can have awkward but adorable results, as viewers of Sky News discovered yesterday.

In a scene which echoed one of the world's favourite live news mishaps-- the 2017 BBC news segment being interrupted by a journalist's two ridiculously cute children bursting confidently into the room-- a Sky News broadcast was cut short after a journalist's young son decided he desperately needed two biscuits.

The Sky News Foreign Editor, Deborah Hayes, was speaking live on air regarding the UK's newly introduced Hong Kong law which could see up to 2.9 million people being offered British citizenship when her toddler son waltzed into the room.

Ms Hayes apologised and attempted to continue, but her son took the moment to ask for not one, but two biscuits-- possibly knowing his mother would agree just to get him out of the room.

When she didn't reply straight away he walked out of shot but a little hand could then be seen tapping her arm and a voice asking "Mum? Can I have two biscuits?"

And it worked.

"Yes, you can have two biscuits."

The clip, which was posted to Twitter, instantly went viral, with many impressed with the son's negotiating skills.

"He knew what he was doing - gaining leverage in the snack negotiations," one user, Barnaby Pratchett, wrote.

"If mum hadn't been on the telly, he'd have ended up with a piece of fruit. Two biscuits - great result."

Others were less impressed by the way Ms Hayes was cut off by the presenter, as she had resolved the situation and would likely have been able to continue her broadcast had she been given the chance.

Many pointed to the reaction of the BBC anchor when Dr Clare Wenham, a global health policy expert who was appearing in a live segment, was interrupted a few times by her own young daughter on the very same day.

In the BBC clip, Dr Wenham's daughter gatecrashed the interview to ask where she should put her unicorn picture, and could then be seen in the background trying out the artwork on different shelves.

Rather than cut her off, BBC News presenter Christian Fraser asked what Dr Wenham's daughter's name was, and then spoke directly to her, saying "Scarlett, I think it looks better on the lower shelf. And it's a lovely unicorn!"

As Dr Wenham returned to the interview, her daughter became interested and started asking, "What's his name? What's his name Mummy?", until the news presenter replies "My name is Christian!"

Incredibly, both mishaps happened within 30 minutes of each other on different channels, and both were equally adorable-- but you can't beat the original.