Three walking tours in London that reveal the city's hidden Irish history

Three walking tours in London that reveal the city's hidden Irish history

IRISH woman will take centre stage at this year’s St Patrick's Day Walking Tours across the city of London with blue Badge guide Tony McDonnell.

There are three fantastic strolls to choose from but places are limited so please make sure to book in advance by emailing [email protected]

TERRIBLE BEAUTY: Friday, March 17, 2pm

The 1916 Rebellion in London Death and rebirth. Love and loathing. Independence and Empire; this tour has it all. After Dublin, London was the city most connected to the Easter Rising.

Not just as the seat of government from which the rebels fought to break free but through the deep connections many of them held with this city.


This lively tour will turn the walk from Trafalgar Square to Whitehall into an amazing journey through the vortex of change released by the rebellion.

This is the London side of the 1916 story. Find out about Countess Markievicz the first woman to be elected to Parliament and an active participant in the 1916 uprising as a member of the Irish Citizen Army. She was born across the road from Buckingham Palace.


From getting the start, going to the dance, finding a doss or just having a drink - Camden Town could claim to be the capital of Irish London.

Discover ball rooms, pubs, churches, hostels and the characters that gave this amazing place its vibrant Irish reputation for so many decades.

Lumpers, Impresarios, navvies, writers and musicians populate this fascinating walk.

Find out about Margaret Barry, proud member of the Traveller community, Ireland's answer to Edith Piaf singing in the Bedford Arms in Camden Town or the Albert Hall - Bob Dylan's favourite folk singer.


THE EMERALD CITY: Sunday, March 19, 2pm

Where better to celebrate Irish heritage and achievement than on the streets of London.

On this stroll down Ludgate Hill, along Fleet Street, into the Temple and finishing in Covent Garden, we will discover some amazing Irish connections and encounter some of the great names of the Irish past. Stopping at pubs, churchyards, statues, courthouses and theatres - Irish London will come to life.

Prime Ministers, politicians, press barons, poets, playwrights, revolutionaries and aristocrats will all have their part to play in this amazing story.  A fierce craic altogether!

Find out about Peg Woffington the eighteenth-century's Queen of the London stage. From Dublin's back streets to the leading lady of Drury Lane and feted in the salons of Mayfair. Enjoying an elegant retirement sponsoring other Irish talents.