'Carlsberg and Guinness together! Jesus wept!' Beer cocktails in Romanian Irish bar leave people baffled
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'Carlsberg and Guinness together! Jesus wept!' Beer cocktails in Romanian Irish bar leave people baffled

Beer cocktails listed on the menu use a number of Irish beers and stouts to quench their customer's thirsts.

One customer in St. Patrick Irish Pub and Restaurant in Bucharest, Romania discovered a mix of drinks unheard of before.

Having frequented many an Irish bar myself, the recipes for many of the beer cocktails on the menu in the bar have left me feeling a little troubled.

While many Irish people and indeed people across the world enjoy a creamy pint of Guinness, this Irish bar has added a number of twists to a pint of plain.

The cocktails on the menu includes a Lemon Radler and Grapefruit Radler, both of which consist of house beer, Sprite, lemon and the according flavoured syrups but from then on the cocktails get more unusual.

A Dark Radler consists of a Guinness and Sprite while a Dark & Stormy divides a Guinness with rum.

A Snakebite cocktail is a mix of half a Carlsberg and Magners cider and a Beer Estival is a Carlsberg and Cranberry juice.

From there on, things get a little heavier as a Guinn Meister has a Guinness and Jaegermeister together... Yikes.

An Irish Russian has Guinness, vodka, Kahlua and cola and an Irish Half & Half is a Guinness mixed with Magners Cider. A stout mixed with cider... What gives?

A standard Half & Half cocktail has Guinness and Carlsberg mixed together and an Irish Car Bomb, which many may find a little offensive has Bailey's liquor, Jameson whiskey and Guinness together.

The drinks vary in price from 16 to 26 Romanian Leu, which ranges from €3.50 to €6.

An Irish cocktail for less than a tenner? You'd be laughing!

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Twitter user MormonHorse, who lives in Bucharest, noticed the unusual recipes for the cocktails but didn't go as far as trying one.

Social media users couldn't believe the concoctions on the list.

Which one would you dare to try off the list? Let us know.