Dream job alert: Popular drinks company is looking for a PAID beer taster
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Dream job alert: Popular drinks company is looking for a PAID beer taster

NOW THAT'S what we call a dream job!

If you consider yourself as a bit of a beer aficionado and know the difference between a good pint and a bad one (we've all experienced a bad pint, and it's not fun), then a unique and delicious new job opportunity has just opened up-- and it could be just the one for you.

Camden Town Brewery, the geniuses behind some staples of a night out-- including Camden Pale Ale and Camden Hells-- are searching for someone to taste-check their beers at home and ensure they're all 'fresh as Hells'-- and as if it couldn't get any better, you will actually be paid to do so.

The official job title is 'Chief Freshness Officer', and your role would be to sit back, relax, and sip some refreshing beer. Bliss.

Drink beer and get paid for it. How can it get better than this?

The company prides itself on never pasteurising their products, and alongside drinking the beer your main responsibility would be "Answering 'Never!' if anyone asks if Camden Town Brewery should start pasteurising beer.  And that's kind of it..."

The job advertisement promises that the successful applicant doesn't need any previous experience in the beer industry-- or any other industry-- they just need "a love of fresh-tasting beer and a birth certificate that says you're over 25".

Anyone itching to place their hat in the ring for this delectable position should follow this link and answer some super-simple questions.

Best of luck-- this is going to be very competitive...