Irish designer launches perfect Christmas jumper for any ex-pat missing home this festive season
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Irish designer launches perfect Christmas jumper for any ex-pat missing home this festive season

MANCHESTER-BASED Irish designer Bronagh Rafferty has just launched a Christmas gift collection that will please any ex-pat longing for the Emerald Isle this festive season.

The Derry native moved to Manchester to study broadcast journalism five years ago, but has since launched a business, selling self-designed Irish-themed art and giftware, which sees her supplying customers across the globe.

Bronagh first launched her now iconic Pints? print last year

Irish Sayings Printed is a unique offering founded by Ms Rafferty which features her iconic Pints? print, as well as a host of other well-known Irish sayings that are loved and used by members of the diaspora across the world.

And they have proven a huge hit - with Ms Rafferty’s customers located across Europe and as far away as South Korea, Singapore and Australia.

The prints were initially inspired by Ms Rafferty’s own desire to stay connected with home, she told The Irish Post this week.

This month sees the launch of a festive version of the Pints? print

“The business first launched in November 2019, when I started out by designing six Christmas postcards, inspired by all the weird and wonderful sayings my family in Co. Derry came out with,” she explained.

“My boyfriend used to say I spoke in riddles when we started going out six years ago, but being Irish, living out of Ireland, it was important for me to have that piece of home.

“I started Irish Sayings Printed so other ex-pats could keep that connection strong too.”

Then last year saw the birth of her best-selling Pints? print, and the move into more stout-themed artwork among her collection.

The Christmas jumper is the perfect gift for any Irish ex-pat missing home

“My boyfriend's granda used to own a pub in Belfast called Cosgroves,” she explains.

“We have an old Guinness sign in our flat from the pub and the Pints? print was really inspired by it.

“I love the red and black contrasting colours of the sign and so I reimagined it for the present day.”

This year she has teamed up with Antrim based husband and wife duo, Sarah and Paul from Ted & Stitch, to put a festive spin on the well-loved design.

Now you can purchase a festive Pints? jumper, stitched to order, in sizes XS to 3XL, for just £30.

Also in the collaboration is her Bate That Into Ye! Christmas apron, priced at £24, which is perfect for the turkey coordinator in the family.

But you’ll have to act quickly if you’re going to order – as Ms Rafferty’s designs have already amassed a huge cult following, across the globe.

Bronagh's Bate That Into Ye! Christmas apron is also now available to order

“These designs have been massively popular with the Irish diaspora,” she admits.

“I've sent my products to South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Canada, New York, all over.”

She adds: “The best bit is writing the note from the sender to the receiver for each order, knowing that when it's delivered it's going to make someone smile.”

With her Christmas collection all made to order, anyone hoping to purchase one of these designs in time for the big day must place their order by December 1.

For all other items on Ms Rafferty’s Etsy store, orders for pre-Christmas delivery must be made by December 17 for UK delivery, by December 15 for EU/Ireland delivery and by December 5 for delivery to the rest of the world.

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