Irish dog and donkey filmed having adorable reunion after a year apart
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Irish dog and donkey filmed having adorable reunion after a year apart

AN unlikely bromance was recently rekindled in Ireland between two best friends – Jack the donkey and Buster the dog.

The inseparable duo first met in the Gaeltacht over a year ago but devastatingly had to part ways when Buster returned home to Dublin.

Traolach Ó Buachalla‏, Buster’s owner, lives in the Irish capital but makes annual trips back home to the Gaeltacht in Kerry.

Returning to Kerry this week for Easter, Traolach and Buster went to visit Jack the donkey once again.

Buster surprised Jack on the wall where they used to sit and luckily the adorable scene was caught on video.

Like any good friends, time apart clearly hadn’t broken their friendship.

“The first time Jack saw Buster he galloped towards him. So on our return to Kerry this Easter we went to visit Jack again and the same thing happened,” Traolach said on Twitter.

Traolach’s video shows the two beautiful creatures rubbing noses as they gleefully reacquaint themselves with each other – but there’s a twist.

It seems Jack has found himself a new girlfriend since the pair’s last meeting, but luckily for their friendship, the donkey’s new lover took a shining to Buster.

“Jack now has a girlfriend named Jill, who thankfully also has the hots for Buster. So all is well in the world,” Traolach explained.

Check out the videos below…