Irish people share their commuter woes as Dublin bus strikes continue
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Irish people share their commuter woes as Dublin bus strikes continue

DUBLIN'S bus strikes continue from tonight but judging by the light-hearted tales of disruption already shared, Irish commuters aren't getting too hot and bothered.

Going by a thread or two posted to Reddit, which asked users to share their tales of ‘commuting hell’  -the Irish are remarkably resilient.

“Damn strike,” said one user with tongue firmly in cheek. ““I left at 7:44 and arrived at 7:51… Like I always do.”

“Cycled into work. Took 30 minutes like every other day,” shared another user on an equally unperturbed note, before admitting: “Probably overtook several hundred cars.”

Another user agreed that the roads had seen an increase in congestion owing to the lack of busses.

“Took me 50 minutes to get to work. Generally, it takes about 40-45 minutes so not too bad. I did notice the increased number of traffic on the roads though.”

Others who had managed to escape the disruption on the roads instead chose to poke fun at the complainers.

"Left the house at 7:30, didn't get in until 7:42 instead of my usual 7:40. This cost me the last custard doughnut that the receptionist brings in on Thursdays. This strike is an absolute disgrace!"

Another user felt the same pain: "Not only did the traffic lights crossing take an extra 36 seconds to go off on my walk in today, the cars wouldn't stop fast enough, leaving me a whole 41 seconds late!"

Some were even feeling lucky on strike day: “Walked 30 minutes into work and found €20 on the ground. I love the bus strikes!”

One thing's for sure, even the longest tailbacks are unlikely to dampen the spirits of Dublin's finest.