Irish pub to host the first ever "toastie festival"
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Irish pub to host the first ever "toastie festival"

IRELAND is a country of firsts - who can forget that we were the first country to legalise same-sex marriage?

Ireland is known for its great collection of music festivals, food festivals, jazz festivals and more - but a festival dedicated to the making and glorifying of toasted sandwiches is definitely the first of its kind.

In Co. Wicklow, a little pub known by the name of The Harbour Bar in Bray is hosting the first toastie festival in Ireland and indeed perhaps, anywhere in the world. The ham and cheese toasted sambo from The Harbour Bar is known in local area for its deliciousness which only gives more credence to the initiation of the festival.

A Facebook event to give the festival a boost for those far and wide that may not be aware of the Bray pub has appealed to cliff walkers and the general public to take time out from the 3rd November to 5th of November to pop in and sample their toasties.

The event page encourages people to sample "our humble ham and cheese toastie, a firm favourite to go with that post Cliff Walk well-earned pint or perfect pot of tea."

The bar has stated there will other fillings to try in your toastie alongside the standard ham and cheese, and have offered to assign a sandwich to whatever drink you'll be sampling on the day... "there will be the classic ham and cheese offering alongside some more adventurous fillings to try, and match with whatever your tipple. Plus free tea top ups too."

The Harbour Bar have promised not to leave anyone out of attending the festival, inviting visitors to bring their pets along too; "all welcome, dogs too. Help us pay homage to the Toastie."