Own a piece of old Ireland - limited edition The Quiet Man print marks iconic movie’s 65th anniversary
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Own a piece of old Ireland - limited edition The Quiet Man print marks iconic movie’s 65th anniversary

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A LIMITED edition print of The Quiet Man has been commissioned to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the iconic film and a percentage of the proceeds will support two worthy causes.

Twenty per cent of profits from the sale of the fine art prints, showing some of the most memorable moments from the John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara movie, will be donated to the London Irish Centre’s Christmas appeal and the Ballyglunin Railway Restoration Project.

Ballyglunin train station was a filming location for the John Ford classic and is currently being restored to its former glory and developed as an arts and cultural centre.

The commission was inspired by a love of the film, childhood memories and a desire to support these two deserving projects.

Tara from Tara Fine Art prints said: “Like many people all over the world The Quiet Man brings back many fond childhood memories, the film was on repeat in our house and we knew it word for word.

"Dad is a big fan of John Wayne and Mum used to sing the Isle of Innisfree as her party piece, that’s one of my favourite childhood memories of my mum.”

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A chance encounter in a hotel during a trip to Ireland last year for her mother’s anniversary sealed the deal.

“We were over in Ireland for mum’s year anniversary last August and we decided to stop in Dublin for a couple of nights on the way to Athlone,” Tara said.

“When we walked into the lobby of the hotel there was a beautiful print on the wall, it was a painting by Peter Deighan and I just fell in love with it.

“I asked the hotelier if it was for sale but he wouldn’t sell it to me because it was a much-loved piece and evoked strong reactions from all his guests.

“The print always started a conversation and it got people reminiscing and talking about their childhood memories or someone it reminded them of.”

She added: “It was my dad’s 65th birthday this year, he was born the same year as The Quiet Man was released, and as he loved the film so much it was an opportunity to celebrate both occasions."

There are just 500 of these striking and detailed prints by Peter Deighan, who is an internationally renowned artist, available.

Widely-regarded as one of the world’s leading painters of sporting moments and portraits, Peter Deighan’s works hang in some of the world’s most prestigious collections, from the Vatican to London’s National Portrait Gallery.

The print captures a number of classic scenes from the film.

“The central image was important for me,” said Tara. “I love the mystery of not knowing what Maureen O’Hara said to John Wayne in the final scene of the film, it leaves it open to the imagination.

"Whatever passed O’Hara’s lips remains a mystery to this day.

"It’s been great to see the response we’ve had online, people sharing their memories and stories of the film. We’ve had orders from all over the world including Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

“We’re very proud of the piece, it’s a museum quality print that will last a long lifetime.”

Each print is also hand-numbered and individually signed by the artist, who is originally from Co. Monaghan but now lives in Luton.

Some of his most noteworthy Irish portraits include Peadar O’Donnell, Sean McBride, Charles J. Haughey and Michael O’Hehir, with the latter unveiled on RTE’s Late Late Show in Dublin.

The Quiet Man print is a digital archival giclee print on 300gsm fine art paper.

Dimensions: 20in x 24in.

To order a print go to www.tarafineartprints.com