You can now get paid €330 to have a drink in your pyjamas
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You can now get paid €330 to have a drink in your pyjamas

WHO WOULDN'T be perfect for this job?

With most of us having been furloughed at some point during the lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus, we've had plenty of practice at lounging around and doing nothing, especially when the restrictions meant you couldn't leave your house except for exercise.

But all those hours lying on the couch, watching Netflix or having a drink in your most comfortable clothes could now come in extremely handy-- as we've all got more than enough experience for this intriguing new job.

Loungewear and nightwear company Pour Moi is searching for one lucky person to be paid £300/ €330/ $385 to try out their clothes while chilling at home.

Credit: Pour Moi Some of the comfortable loungwear the successful applicant will be testing out (Image: Pour Moi)

Yeah, you read that right-- and the job application is open to everyone from all over the world, meaning the only downside is that there'll be some serious competition for this job opening.

The brutally challenging job will see the successful applicant wearing Pour Moi loungewear and nightwear for 10 hours over the course of a month, while completing a number of tasks, including:

  • Watching three episodes of your favourite TV show from a sofa or bed
  • Enjoying a glass of wine or hot chocolate while snuggled up on the sofa
  • Making a cup of tea, coffee (or cheeky Bailey's coffee-- we're sure they're not strict)
  • Scrolling through social media on your phone for at least 10 minutes

(Image: Getty)

If you think you have the unique skills needed to ace this job by completing the tasks and completing a survey on how comfortable you found the clothes, you can apply for the job  here.

The only thing required from you is that you're over 18, you love lounging around, and you can't wait to spend £300.

To check out some of the loungewear and nightwear Pour Moi have on offer, you can visit the website here.