10 things we know about the London Underground serial killer Kieran Kelly

10 things we know about the London Underground serial killer Kieran Kelly

1. He came from Rathdowney, Co Laois and despite being a Republican he landed in London in 1953 to join in with the celebrations of the Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation

2. His first murder, committed at Stockwell, was done in panic. He pushed his friend Christy Smith in front of an oncoming train.

3. Geoff Platt, the former detective who spent two years with Kelly, believes Kelly was gay and lived in fear that his sexuality would be discovered. His first murder was not planned but after that he began to like the thrill, and Platt believes he derived sexual pleasure from killing.

4. Kelly married twice, once in Ireland and once in London and his children from those marriages would still be alive today.

5. There were witnesses to Kelly's crimes. At Tooting Bec in early 1983, he was seen by three men push a man under a train. The men restrained him and called the police. Kelly was interviewed, charged and appeared at the Old Bailey but was acquitted due to lack of motive.


Clapham Common, the scene of Kelly's arrest Clapham Common, the scene of Kelly's arrest

6. Kelly was an alcoholic and had a hard life in London, living rough on Clapham Common. He was arrested for shoplifting twice and spent time in prison, but as soon as he escaped he murdered again.

7. Kelly's last murder was not committed on the underground, but in Clapham police station where he beat and strangled his cell mate William Boyd because he was snoring loudly.

8. After that, high on adrenaline, Kelly confessed to 16 murders. He was found guilty of two and given a 'life to mean life' sentence.

9. Police never went public with the details of Kelly's killing spree as they thought people would be too scared to travel to work on the Northern line and there would be mass hysteria in London.


10. No other known serial killer has ever come from Ireland. Kelly's name may not be as well known yet he was a prolific murderer whose name belongs in the history books beside the notorious Fred West, Ian Brady or Harold Shipman.