250 organ donations took place in Ireland in 2022

250 organ donations took place in Ireland in 2022

The HSE’s Organ Donation Transplant Ireland Office (ODTI) has said that 250 organ transplants have taken place in Ireland this year.

Those donations were carried out thanks to 86 deceased and 33 living organ donors and their families.

Across the three national transplant centres, 163 kidney, 10 heart, 18 lung, 51 liver and 8 pancreas transplants were completed. This includes kidney transplants from 33 living donors.

Reflecting on the year, Dr Catherine Motherway, Clinical Lead, HSE Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland spoke about the profound impact that organ donation has on both recipients and donor families.

She said:

"At the end of each year, those of us who work in organ donation and transplantation wish to acknowledge our donors, both living and deceased. They are the very essence or our transplant programmes. It is sometimes hard to convey how much we appreciate their gift.

"Behind each figure in this report are lives transformed by a transplant by virtue of the enormous generosity of families who, in the most difficult circumstances, honour their loved ones wishes by choosing to donate their organs. Each and every time we are humbled by the courage shown by our donor families. This time of year we all remember those we have lost. We hope that our donor families may find comfort and some consolation in knowing that their gift has saved and changed the lives of others.

"On behalf of ODTI, intensive care staff, transplant teams, and transplant recipients, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude and sympathy to the donor families. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Míle buíochas libh go léir."

Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly said:

"Organ donation is an act of altruism, often made at times of great sadness and grief, which provides the recipients of donated organs with the gift of a new life. As we look back on this year, we must remember that behind each of the 119 donations and 250 transplants that have taken place in 2022 are donors, recipients, and families whose lives have been changed forever.

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those families who have made the selfless decision to donate their loved ones’ organs, as well as the dedicated staff who make organ donation and transplantation possible.

"The hard work and professionalism of staff in Intensive Care Units, Transplant Centres, and in HSE’s Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland, is an integral part of ensuring that, whenever possible, the loss of one precious life can transform many others through organ donation.

"At any one time, around 500 people are waiting for a transplant. The publication of the Human Tissue Bill last month represents an important step forward in trying to save more lives by increasing the donor pool in Ireland, while ensuring that the wishes of a deceased person and their next of kin remain central to any decision about organ donation.

"I would encourage families across the country to talk to your loved ones about organ donation and its role in saving lives. By having that conversation, you and your family members can make your wishes known.”