Here are 63 ways of cooking a potato

Here are 63 ways of cooking a potato


How many ways have you managed to prepare a potato in your life? I’ve been counting myself. Four, maybe five? I obviously need to start getting more creative.

Here in Ireland, we’re the mothers and fathers of the noble potato. The starchy crop is as Irish as the shamrock, a pint of Guinness or England cricket captain Eoin Morgan.

But I’d bet my bottom dollar that even we haven’t tried - or even thought of - all of these!

In a video from Bon Appetit, editor at large Amiel Stanek runs us through 63 different ways to cook a russet potato.

Now, after watching the video, there are a few methods you’ll be keen to try - but juiced potatoes won’t be one of them I assure you.

You’ll see potatoes smoked, deep-fried, electrocuted and even cooked in a dishwasher.

It isn’t all silliness though. There are some genuinely great tips in there - making it a must-see for potato lovers.

Anyway, my eyes have been opened. I can’t say I’m gonna try all of these necessarily, not least because a gorgeous fluffy roastie works perfectly well - and ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’, right?. But I’m certainly a lot more open to wandering around the house seeing which items might be able to help me make my next bowl of colcannon.

Check out the video below, and enjoy!