Adrian Donohoe killer sentenced to minimum of 40 years in prison

Adrian Donohoe killer sentenced to minimum of 40 years in prison

AARON BRADY, the man who killed Det Garda Adrian Donohoe in 2013, has been sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison.

The 29-year-old reportedly showed no emotion as he was found guilty of murder, having blasted father-of-two Donohoe with a shotgun at point plank range during a credit union cash heist back in 2013.

The verdict was read out in front of Donohoe's family, including his wife Caroline, as well as his brothers and sisters, who wept and hugged each other as the decision was announced.

Brady's trial, which began in January, is the longest in the history of the state - having lasted 122 days, partially due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Caroline Donohoe said in a statement: "I would like to most sincerely thank the jury for sticking with this trial for so long and my Garda colleagues and the prosecution team on behalf of Amy, Niall and myself."

Following Donohoe's murder, Brady went on the run and eventually settled in the US, where he married a local woman and fathered a child.

He was tracked down and extradited back to Ireland in 2017 to finally face justice, and was charged for his crimes in 2018.

Following the verdict, Deputy Commissioner John Twomey announced to Brady's gang, who were behind the raid, that "we will be knocking on your door and we will make sure that you pay for this horrendous action".

He added: "I have a clear message that the investigation continues. There were other people involved in this horrific crime and you will be brought to justice. We will make every effort to leave no stone unturned."