Alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan slammed by former senior Garda over claims he’s a 'legitimate businessman'

Alleged crime boss Daniel Kinahan slammed by former senior Garda over claims he’s a 'legitimate businessman'

A SENIOR garda has rubbished claims by alleged mob boss Daniel Kinahan that he is a "legitimate businessman" ahead of a tell all exposé airing on BBC One Panorama.

Retired Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy believes the programme will shed light on the gangster’s crime stained past and show a UK audience “the real” Daniel Kinahan.

The programme documents how Kinahan – who has been named as the head of the Kinahan crime cartel in a Dublin court – rose to be a mover and shaker in the world of professional boxing.

It is understood that the mobster is active behind the scenes in organising the Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua fight – a long anticipated bout for the undisputed heavyweight world title.

Mr Leahy thinks the show will give the UK boxing authorities something to think about regarding the drug kingpin’s role in the sport.

He said: “If we don’t speak out about people like Daniel Kinahan then he can become whatever he wants to become.

“Everybody in Ireland knows the type of misery the Kinahan Organised Crime Group brought to our communities and this show is just bringing this reality to a different audience.

“I think people in the UK will take notice and the boxing authorities will also ask questions as to why they have allowed someone like him to have such an influence in their sport.

“He will never be able to wipe away the stain of what his gang have done to our city and country - my colleagues and I witnessed day in, day out the devastation caused by this feud.

“Nobody needs to persuade the people of Ireland what happened - this is about bringing the reality of what communities here endured to a UK and indeed international audience.”

Mr Leahy, who was on duty in Dublin during Ireland’s deadliest gangland feud, will be joined by other members of law enforcement agencies to discuss their experiences with the Kinahan cartel.

Mr Leahy added: “I totally reject his assertion that he is just an Irish businessman.

“This is not the reality - this is not the reality of his relationship to people who have engaged in terrorising our communities.

“I can’t thank Panorama enough for giving me the opportunity to speak on the legacy of Daniel Kinahan in Ireland.

“Daniel Kinahan and his gang cannot take on the State and just walk away - my former colleagues have shown that they will continue to pursue justice until the Kinahan Organised Crime Group has been dismantled.”

Mr Leahy remains optimistic that the remnants of the Kinahan cartel who have fled abroad will face justice for their part in the spree of brutal retributive killing’s that have terrorised Irish communities for the past five years.