Almost a million people to pass through Dublin Airport this Christmas

Almost a million people to pass through Dublin Airport this Christmas

DUBLIN Airport has estimated that 850,000 people will travel through its terminals this Christmas.

This indicates a drop in footfall of 42% since 2019, when 1.5 million people passed through the airport during the same period.

But it shows an increase of 615,000 passengers when compared the same time last year, when lockdowns were in full force, the UK had only just issued its first vaccine, and a mere 235,000 passengers filtered through the Irish capital’s airport.

Dublin Airport said that throughout peak travel dates, beginning Friday December 17 and endling Tuesday January 4, it anticipates roughly 45,000 passengers to pass through arrivals and departures each day.

This is approximately three times more than last year, when Ireland’s main international terminal welcomed around 12,000 passengers per day, while there were 77,000 a day over the same dates in 2019.

The largest spikes during the Christmas season are expected to be December 19, with December 23 coming in close second.

The airport said new travel restrictions will make forecasting footfall more difficult this year, with final numbers depending on the number of those with booked flights declining to travel.

Flights will cease on Christmas Eve and the airport will be closed for Christmas Day, the only day for which its doors are officially shut each year.

The airport will reopen on St Stephen's Day.