American vocal coach goes viral with hilarious attempt at Irish accent

American vocal coach goes viral with hilarious attempt at Irish accent

THE IRISH accent is a notoriously tricky one to master.

Ireland may be a relatively small island, but it’s incredible to see the way the Irish accent can differ from place to place.

Even so, you would expect that someone who pitches themselves as a professional vocal coach would be able to master it.

Failing that, you would probably expect them to do a passable job.

However, in the case of Madeline Harvey that proves wholly incorrect.

A video uploaded to her YouTube account has shed a light on just how much she struggles with the Irish accent – and it’s quite a lot, as it happens.

In the clip, she talks viewers through the Irish pronunciation of words like “flower” and “sour” which she apparently finds most difficult.

"Whenever you're learning a new accent, it helps to isolate sounds that are specific to that accent," the blurb accompanying the video explains.

"So as we play with these sounds, I encourage you to pause the video and practice these words out loud. They may feel strange at first, but they become beautiful once you live in them a little."

All of which sounds great advice...until you actually hear her attempts at an Irish accent.

It's then  that you realise how "distinctive" her Irish accent is.

A viral hit with Irish and non-Irish viewers, the video has already racked up millions of views on YouTube and has already proven a hit on Twitter.

Vocal coach, YouTube star and social media sensation - this could be the start of an exciting new chapter in Madeline’s burgeoning career.