Andrew the Barman "disgusted" by TFI Friday anniversary special snub

Andrew the Barman "disgusted" by TFI Friday anniversary special snub

THE Irish barman who featured on TFI Friday for five years was left “disgusted and disappointed” not to be invited back for the 20th anniversary special broadcast over the weekend.

Kildare-man Andrew Carey, the former landlord of The Haverstock Arms in north London, was a permanent feature on the popular Channel 4 series in the 1990s.

For five years he featured as Andrew the Barman on the cult show, where he also made friends with and socialised alongside host Chris Evans, writer Danny Baker and other TFI regulars.

So he was “shocked, disgusted and disappointed” when he and other stalwarts of the series failed to receive an invite to the much anticipated reunion show – which was watched by more than 4million people on Channel 4 on Friday evening (June 12).

“It was a shock to me not to receive an invite to the anniversary show – and not just me as there were many former regulars who were snubbed for the special,” the former publican, who relocated to Spain in 2012, told The Irish Post today

“I think it’s disgusting that they did an anniversary show, and ran clips from the original series, but did not see fit to invite me or any of the other regulars from the series,” he added.

“They had a bar there on the night but they didn’t invite me and I’ve no idea why.”

Mr Carey featured on the popular Friday evening show, which was filmed at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, from 1996 to 2000.

This month’s anniversary episode – which in fact marks 19 years since its first transmission – saw host Evans brought back together with sidekick Will MacDonald, writer Danny Baker and a host of celebrity guests.

But the event has left a sour taste in Mr Carey’s mouth, who claims he was in London all of last week and could have easily attended the anniversary special if the organisers had made contact.

“They have been planning this show for a while and they made no contact whatsoever with me about it,” he said.

“I heard it was being planned and was speaking to some of my old friends from the show over the months and as time went on we were expecting to hear and we just didn’t hear a thing.

“Right up until last week, when I was actually in London, so could easily have made it, I didn’t hear a thing and I think it’s disgusting.”

He explained: “I was on the show for five years and had a short bit on each episode.

“Chris would tell the guest to go see Andrew the Barman, and I might have two or three lines to say, but I was always there in the background regardless.”

He added: “I was one of the permanent ones on there and there was  a great vibe between us all – we’d gave great fun every Friday and then you wouldn’t make plans for the weekend as you’d have a great time after the show too.

“So what happened with the anniversary was very disappointing, and not just for me. I have had many emails and calls from people who were expecting to see Andrew the Barman feature on the special.

“The bottom line is I am disappointed, disgusted and I think it’s ridiculous the way they did that show – without all the old faces that people would remember and want to see.”