Another UFO in Ireland? Mysterious 'Orb' filmed hovering above Dublin home

Another UFO in Ireland? Mysterious 'Orb' filmed hovering above Dublin home

FOOTAGE of a strange white orb hovering above a residential area in Dublin has been posted online.

The clip, filmed during a family barbecue on June 9th, shows a white object high above the heavily-populated residential area.

Uploaded to the YouTube channel UFO Institute, the clip was accompanied by a vivid description of the incident from the spotter claiming to have seen it.

"It was stationary and very high in the sky; it was turning and pulsating; it seemed to have three lights at the bottom of it," it read.

"I was observing this object for 45 minutes when I witnessed a smaller orb come out from the side of it; it darted up and down a few times before disappearing again."

The witness’s vivid description continued, shedding further light on his experience while also possibly casting further doubt on some of his claims.

He added: "I witnessed 9 orbs in formation of which two were moving; I watched this for some time and then returned to the main object; I then saw a small orb around the main object again which appeared and disappeared again".

Though these claims will undoubtedly be taken with a pinch of salt, Dublin does have a reputation as something of a hotspot for UFO sightings.

In the past two decades alone, there have been well over 20 recorded sightings over the Irish capital.

One widely held theory suggests the military may actually be testing out top-secret flying stealth flying technology.

However, the fact these sightings are taking place in heavily populated areas goes some way to dispelling that notion.

This latest sighting also shares some commonalities with previously reported sightings chronicled on UFO Stalker.

In one instance, a witness reported seeing "two star-like objects" similar to the ones in this footage. Elsewhere, there are also reports of "low flying, silent craft" on the site.

These descriptions certainly paint a vivid picture and concur with the shapes spotted in the video.

These aren't the only infamous UFO sightings to come out of the Emerald Isle either.

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