Bank of Ireland will instal 664 new ATMs at branches across the country

Bank of Ireland will instal 664 new ATMs at branches across the country

BANK of Ireland will invest €60million on improvements at its branches across the island of Ireland it revealed today.

The project, which will begin later this year, will include the installation of 664 new state-of-the-art ATMs across all of its branches between now and 2027.

Announcing the plans, Susan Russell, CEO of Bank of Ireland Retail Ireland, said: “Like any other company, being profitable allows us to improve our business.

“Given the large number of customers which we serve, major re-investment is required every year.

“I’m really happy that this latest investment will see all customers across all counties benefit with the most modern and efficient ATMs, whilst also supporting our ESG ambitions through energy reduction.”

Bank of Ireland Ahas announced a €60m investment plan

The new ATMs mark the bank’s largest single investment in its on-site cashpoints in the last ten years.

With greater cash processing capacity, the new machines will “slash energy use by more than half”, the bank confirmed today.

The ATMs can be used for both withdrawals and lodgements and the majority will ‘recycle’ cash - meaning cash deposited can be used for withdrawals, they further explained.

“We are always investing to ensure customers have access to cash and other banking services in a modern and comfortable environment,” Ms Russell said.

“Each year we refurbish many of our branches and that’s a constant, rolling project of enhancements.

“As a full service retail bank, with a presence in communities throughout the island of Ireland, we are committed to continually improving our services and the financial wellbeing of customers.

“This means re-investing purposefully in branches, contact centres, technology, ATMs and other infrastructure to ensure our customers have the most modern and efficient banking available.”

As part of the €60m investment package in 2024, customer areas in 18 branches will also be refurbished, while staff facilities will be upgraded in at least 15 branches.

Further branches will be refurbished in 2025 the bank has confirmed.

Bank of Ireland currently has 182 branches across the island of Ireland, 169 in southern Ireland and 13 in the North.