Beautician loses €60,000 claim against go-kart firm over injured buttocks

Beautician loses €60,000 claim against go-kart firm over injured buttocks

A BEAUTICIAN in Ireland, who damaged her buttocks and tailbone during a go-kart race, has lost her €60,000 personal injuries claim.

The Irish Independent reports that Alicia Mikielewska claimed she was flung out of the kart at Kylemore Karting track, Killeen Road, Dublin after being struck by another driver.

Karts are not fitted with seatbelts, as it is safer to be flung from a kart than be strapped into one that might overturn.

The 26-year-old, of Bluebell Way, Esker Hills, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, told the Circuit Civil Court she sustained a significant impact to her buttocks and tailbone.

She added that she suffered soft tissue injuries that made it difficult to sit down for two weeks and complained of pain in the mid thoracic region of her spine.


Ms Mikielewska agreed with Barrister Peter O’Brien, counsel for Grovepark Services Limited, which trades as Kylemore Karting, that she had been given a helmet, racing suit and driving gloves.

The beauty salon owner, who said she had been karting several times before, had also watched a seven-minute safety video before each race, highlighting the risks and dangers of the activity.

Judge Terrence O’Sullivan said was satisfied Ms Mikielewska was aware of those risks.

Dismissing her claim, he said she had failed to show negligence on the part of Kylemore Karting but found her to be a genuine plaintiff and refused to grant an order for costs against her.