Belfast City Council deem height of bonfire pyre 'not safe'

Belfast City Council deem height of bonfire pyre 'not safe'

The height of the bonfire pyre has been termed as dangerous by the city council.

Following the controversy regarding the Kilcooley bonfire in Bangor, the fight between the public and the authorities regarding growing pyres continues.

The pyre of the Kilcooley area fell due to its towering height, captured in a shocking video below.

The Bloomfield Walkway fire now has the spotlight due to its reported threat to properties around the area.

In 2015, houses in the area were boarded up to protect themselves from the blaze.

Following the measurement of the bonfire pyre on Monday morning, Belfast City Council has deemed the height of the pyre to be unsafe.

The council released a statement saying the situation at Bloomfield has 'continued to prove difficult': "Despite efforts by a range of agencies, the bonfire has been measured this morning as not being at a safe height acceptable to be within the guidelines of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service."

"We would make a final plea to the bonfire builders to remove the surplus material so as to reduce the threat to property. However, we recognise that the land on which the bonfire is built, is owned by the Department for Infrastructure and so it is their responsibility," they added.

Belfast City Council called on the Department for Infrastructure to deal with the growing pyre: "If there is not a satisfactory resolution in the time remaining, the Council calls upon the Department for Infrastructure to take all measures possible to reduce the potential damage to local properties."