Belfast named worst UK town or city to be single in

Belfast named worst UK town or city to be single in

BELFAST HAS been named as the worst town or city in the UK to live when it comes to being single.

The single life can be a lot of fun; hot dates, flirting and having an entire double bed to yourself.

Being single does come with a few downsides though; dates can be expensive while the price of renting or paying off a mortgage alone is not easy.

But which UK towns and cities are best for singletons when it comes to finding a hot date, as well as affordable single living?

New research from I Saw It First has shed light on the situation, and it spells bad news for anyone living and loving in Belfast.


70 of the UK’s biggest towns and cities were assessed in the research, with factors like the percentage of singles living there, cost of a meal or cinema ticket taken into consideration.

The median salary and cost to rent or live there was also factored in to reveal the best & worst places in the UK to be single.

The findings spell bad news for Northern Ireland singletons though, with Belfast coming out bottom in a list of 70 locations.

It suggests that when it comes to the number of single folk, cost a good night out and cost of living, Belfast is seriously lacking.

More significantly, Belfast was also found to have the lowest proportion of singletons, with just 34.2% of the city's population single and ready to mingle, according to the study.

Oxford was named the top UK city for singletons, just ahead of Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff and Norwich.

The study also revealed the top five cities with highest percentage of single people with Manchester top ahead of Glasgow, Nottingham, Brighton and Liverpool.


The full breakdown of findings from the study can be viewed here.