Bishop opposes changing the day of the Belfast marathon

Bishop opposes changing the day of the Belfast marathon

RIGHT REVEREND Harold Miller has voiced his concerns over a proposal to move the Belfast city marathon to a Sunday.

The bishop has said he's disappointed in the move as it would exclude practising Christians.

A bishop for the diocese of Down and Dromore said the event should be held on May Day Monday, the day it is has traditionally been held.

Bishop Miller of the Church of Ireland said: "The objections raised have included the question of people being able to get to worship if the event is held on a Sunday, and roads are closed.

He said the event was of great importance to the Belfast community: "In fact the issue is wider. The marathon on May Day Monday is one of those really important events in the city, because it is genuinely embraced by all."

According to Belfast Telegraph, he said the move to a Sunday would exclude those who were religious: "That includes a very large number of people who are practising Christians.

"For such people, Sunday worship is part of the key pattern of their lives.

"Holding the event on a Sunday would be very difficult for many of them, and I would urge that this wider aspect of the decision be considered."

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